Thursday, 20 December 2012

Benefits of Tradition

     As for serving God in His Church, over the years it has been split into two, the more modern Catholics, and the Traditional ones. As a Traditional Catholic, I shall tell my reasons for being so, and how it can be more meritorious to your soul.

   Firstly, in the Traditional Latin Mass for example, there is a much more profound respect and solemnity. This is found in receiving Our Lord in the Host on the tongue, and keeping a peaceful silence. This is where we can find God, in the silence of it all. Of course many say that the New Mass is more enjoyable, but if you look closely, the people are at the centre, not God. This can also be found in our society. There is no longer silence, but blasting music to distract the soul from finding God.
  A second reason why I prefer Traditional Catholicism is that it follows more closely what Jesus Himself practiced. For example, it has many days of fast and abstinence to purify our souls. Jesus gave us a good example to follow when He fasted for forty days in the desert. This helps us to purify our souls, and get over our own will.
  Thirdly, I find in Traditional Catholicism a much more stable foundation. What I mean by this is that if you concentrate on feelings alone, it is hazardous to give up all hope when there are trials, which the good Lord always sends us. But if you build your Faith on your will, and chastise yourself here and there, you will be able to withstand God’s tests, get over your changing feelings, and have a true Faith, rather than one made upon feelings.
  In conclusion, I find it much easier to overcome ourselves in the Traditional way, because it is more silent, more total, and quicker to get to Our Lord.