Sunday, 23 December 2012

Guardian Angels

  As you read this very sentence, I think you should know that someone is staring at you. I don’t mean God, Our Lady, or the Saints. I mean an angel who was picked just for you from all eternity. These perfect creatures may not speak, but they are simply waiting for us to start the conversation. Now, if you haven’t heard about Guardian Angels before, or don’t really acknowledge yours, hopefully this article will put a smile on your face, for a best friend is waiting.
  Firstly, they were appointed to help us. If God gave us our own angel, then they must do something, right? Well, Guardian Angels mainly protect us from temptation, the Devil, and physical harm. There are many true stories about how they have protected individuals from physical harm, such as this one: There was once a man who had to drive three hours to go to St. Padre Pio’s priory. He was extremely tired and fell asleep. After a long rest, he woke up, and found himself already at the priory. He asked St. Padre Pio what had happened, for St. Pio was a mystic and knew these things. He told the man that his guardian angel had taken the wheel right before he was about to crash. I took this story from a book called “Send me your Guardian Angel” which was based on St. Pio’s angel (please read it, it is an amazing book.) Therefore, if you need protection, call upon yours.
  Secondly, these angels know us better than anyone else, and so they want you to talk to them! How bored so many must be, as their appointed person ignores them. They will be there to listen, and if you have questions, have faith and ask, I promise you will suddenly know the answer. Even just saying hello to them, they would really appreciate it (try it now!). We can be more relaxed when we speak to them, because they are not our Heavenly Father who we must have perfect respect towards, but we can be more relaxed, with respect of course, but can talk to our guardian angels as a friend, rather than a Father.
  Thirdly, they are our fastest travellers. You know, he’s just waiting there, so send him somewhere! Send him to an abandoned church or someone in extra need. They are able to travel as fast as light, for they do not have bodies, and will always carry out our request, because they wouldn’t deny us some good. Another thing St. Pio used to say is that if you send him your guardian angel with a message, or request, he will get it, and carry out our prayers if it be for the betterment of our soul.
   Finally, they want to share in our joys and be our best friend. If this is true, then speak often to your dear angel, ask him for favours, and thank him for being so generous.

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