Sunday, 16 December 2012

So Who is God?

   Since we are travelling through the world of Catholicism, let us establish who God truly is. Of course we all know that God is three Persons in One, but who is He? You can say a person has brown hair and blue eyes, yet never truly discover who they are. Therefore, we must ask who God is, what He does for us and so forth.

   Firstly, God is our most loving Father. If it wasn't for Him thinking of us every second of every day, we wouldn't even be here! Not only does He watch us intently, but He waits eagerly for us to even think of Him for a single moment, in order to fill us with His grace and love. What amazes me is that many souls can go a whole lifetime without even knowing who God is, and yet He still gives them another chance at the end of their lives.
  Secondly, God is our best and closest friend. He not only knows exactly how our hearts and minds work, but He carefully crafted us in order that we may one day find Him. This is why we are happiest when we trust in Him, because He knows exactly what we need. Not only is He our best friend, but He sacrificed His only Son for us, even knowing that thousands of souls would reject His love.  God never doubted sacrificing His Son for us, knowing many wouldn't accept Him and His Church, which is another great proof of His love.

  Thirdly, He is our Protector. Of course there is suffering and confusion in the world, but He only sends us these things so that we can finally turn to Him. Once we turn to Him in prayer, as I've said in my last article, He will flood us with everything we were ever searching for, and brighten the darkness of these days. He shall then, and only then, show us the true path which leads to heaven, but we must do this first.
   Now that we've established some of His great qualities, I ask you to briefly look around and see how He has been forgotten. How much more must we run to Him in these times, and show Him that we are ready to fight for Him. Therefore search for God, and He will lift the veil of tears, and give life an infinite meaning.