Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Beginning of a Long Journey

  As time goes on, the faithful have witnessed the Catholic Church develop for 2012 years. It's been through ups and downs, but what's going on now? Why do we no longer see martyrs and heroic saints? It is because in our modern day, the Church has been silenced with a false "world wide peace."

   This past year I have been observing and comparing how people treated the Faith even a hundred years ago, to those now. I find the truth of it all is that most people today just don't care any more, we have better things to do. With our eyes fixed on a screen, with our ears hearing obscure music, and our hearts in the hands of the media, we try to squeeze our Sunday Mass in somewhere and continue to live our lives in this world.
Many Catholics are simply confused about everything, and therefore live a clouded life, trying to find a beam of light in this valley of tears. How sad it is when they can no longer take it any more and give up. 

  But why all this falling away? Why is the Faith so hard to find? I would now like to introduce you to my worst enemy, he who is in control these days: Satan. Satan has most definitely grabbed everything in sight, and is slowly dragging the majority of souls down to his eternal abyss. Either he floods your mind with materialism, or sends a stream of confusion to flow through all the cracks of your mind. This is why so many people are unhappy, because if their hearts belong to the world, or the Devil, they begin their hell on earth, whether they know it or not, "For where thy treasure is, thy heart is also." (Matthew 6:21)

   And yet, where is the Truth? Where is the Lord? I am blessed to be living in these times, for finding the Truth has become more rare and precious than ever. The Lord is hiding, and once He's found, He will show you the hidden path, which is found in the beginning through prayer. Prayer, the most obscure and meaningless thing seen in the world's eyes, yet here He will be found. It is like that one single light that will lead you to God. 

   In these days, because we have abandoned God, God has left us on our own, which is the greatest punishment. Yet it is also a test, for those who seek Him shall find Him. It is like if someone had been abandoned by everyone and everything, and then one person comes along and wants to be his friend. Would not the Eternal God reveal unto you the Truth? 

   Therefore my dear reader, search in prayer for the Lord, and I promise you, you will find Him. This is the heart of my blog, my mind unmasked to the public, as the Saviour inspires my writing. May He bless you, and show you the infinite light of Truth. Behold, we now start our long journey to eternity!