Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Brighter Side

   Now I think it’s necessary to say that Catholicism is not just about avoiding sin. Many people, I fear, are put off by Traditional Catholics because it seems as if many focus only on the negative. If this were true, I would not be where I am today. I think it’s much easier to not base who God is on others, because if you did so, God would be a strict, joyless God. Here are some points that really brightened up my Faith, while keeping it strong.
  Firstly, rules are only the beginning. They are road maps to our lives. For example, if you went to a summer camp, it is common sense for some rules to be set, but once the camp starts, you don’t ponder and worry about rules, rather you keep them in mind and follow them, but they stay at the back of your mind while you have fun. I find it almost impossible to continue the Faith if we are constantly worrying about every little detail. Jesus Himself said to the Pharisees that they only followed the letter of the law, not the heart of it. This meant that laws give us the obvious boundaries, but we mustn’t constantly worry about them. Therefore keep in mind the rules, but look on the brighter side of the Faith.
  Secondly, don’t worry! God has formed our hearts and knows how they work. If we are in the state of grace, pray, and keep the law, we must do all the things that come after! We can then hope for heaven, speak to our great friends, the saints, and rejoice that God is watching over us. Worrying causes us to have a dark feeling about life, and consequently can lead to despair. As St. Padre Pio said, “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” If the infinitely good Master is watching over us, we can then begin to hope for our next home. Therefore, rejoice, for God is with you!
  Finally, have fun, smile, laugh, and relax, for everything is being taken care of. Jesus said that if we search for our heavenly home now, all the necessities of life will be freely given to us. Life is too short to be wallowing in the seas of sorrow, rather we must carry our cross happily to God. How are we to enjoy heaven, if we are sad all our lives? Let us then take advantage of this Christmas season, be truly joyful that the Infant Child was born, and be blessed by the infinitely good God.


  1. Well said! A joyful, loving Catholic will always be happier and will attract more converts as well. My daughter wrote a grade 12 paper on this very topic. We both share your opinion.

  2. Thank you! I find it impossible to fight a good fight without a smile. God Bless!