Thursday, 24 January 2013

Family Life

  In our society today, family life has been attacked the most. With divorce, disobedience and rebellion of the children, and single parent homes, the family unit is no longer of importance. The problem with this is that without the family, you no longer have the building blocks of the country.

   In having a structured, ordered family, you make strong people for the next generation. Add Catholicism to this, and you have strong souls that will keep their Faith until the day they die. If order is in the family, the children can grow, the parents can grow in love, and the benefits are endless.

  With many of these strong united families, you have the foundation of the population, and the foundation of the Faith. The reason this has been so attacked in this day and age is simply because the world no longer wants religion. Of course they can keep the things that make them feel good, but Catholicism as a whole
, the world wants to see destroyed. Why? Because it does not suit the feelings of everyone. And so the future generations of our society have broken homes, and no foundation of the Faith. And so since there are many with similar backgrounds, it is labeled "uncool" to follow a set religion, and the idea begins to disappear.

   I encourage you all to go against the trend of a "do what you want" family, and structure it. In the end it will be infinitely worth it, and you can make new leaders for the generations to come.