Saturday, 12 January 2013

Stages to Sanctification

In the journey to heaven, there are three stages to sanctification. Many are unaware of these stages and when they do make it to the second stage, they often fall away. I think it's important for everyone to know these stages, and so I will be covering them today.
   The first stage of sanctification is the sweetness of the soul. In order that God might attract us to Him, He fills us with a continuous joy, and a thirst to know more of the Faith. This is the part of a person's path towards sanctity which enables us to see in the Faith more than just going to Mass, and where Catholicism begins to consumes one’s life. This is essential because if this did not happen, we would not find the profound depths of our religion. If the reader is wondering how to enter into this first step, ask God to lead your mind into the depths of the Truth, and your journey will begin. Now, although this joy rejuvenates the soul, it cannot last forever and is similar to how a person cannot live on candy forever.
   The second stage is the growth of our souls and the breaking down of boundaries. This stage includes many trials and temptations, in order that our soul may become purified and so that we may break all of our bad habits and tendencies. Unfortunately, this is the stage that many cannot take, because it is where God tests you the most. You may say that you cannot take it anymore, but think of it like this: Christ, throughout the ages, has been mocked and looked at with indifference, and so, He simply wants to see if we are the same. He sends us sweetness at first, but when the suffering comes, He's simply saying, "If you suffer a bit of my Passion as I have done for you, will you still love Me?" Therefore, when this stage comes, no matter how hard it is, ask for strength, unite your suffering to the Passion, and hope to see that joyful light at the end of the tunnel.
   The third stage, which takes a bit longer to get to, is perfection. This is when a soul has overcome its faults and bad habits, and has a heart completely conformed to the will of God. This is where the deepest and truest happiness is found, because this is where our human nature is fulfilled. Many want the Garden of Eden without the Calvary, as Archbishop Fulton Sheen says. So we must strive and show our most loving Saviour that we are serious about the Truth. 
    Imagine it like this: when you die, and Jesus comes to judge your life, He will look you in the eyes, and say "What have you done for Me?" What will you say when the time comes? It is up to you now. God bless you all.

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