Sunday, 3 March 2013

Death - A Lenten Meditation

 In this season of Lent, we often come across the topic of death. Death is one of those things that people like to cover up and put so far away in their future that it almost stops existing to them. But is death the real thing to fear? The only reason to really fear death is because we don't want to be held accountable for our indifferent lives, and so the real thing to worry about is sin.

  Sin is the only thing that keeps us from God and from entering into His kingdom, and so in keeping death and salvation before our eyes, sin becomes something more to avoid. In order to do this, think every morning that this is your last day, and that you must do the best to sanctify it with Our Lord's help. In doing so, we grow in virtue, holiness, love of God, and are always prepared for death.   In the book of the Apocalypse 16:15, Christ tells us "Behold, I come as a thief in the night. Blessed is he that watcheth...." 

  The crucifix is such a good example of this, showing us that this is not our home. The only reason we suffer is to make up for our sins, and to show us that this is not where we belong. How many times have we suffered on this earth? Jesus came to earth to do just this, not only to make a point, but to show us that the only reason we're here is to show God we're His, and not the world's. Let us then show Him!

  A beneficial prayer to say each night has a promise attached that he who dies after saying it will be spared the pains of Purgatory, which goes as following: "Oh Lord, my God, from this moment do I accept from Thy hands, with burning love and sincere contrition, with a calm and willing disposition, whatsoever death Thou shalt choose to send me, with it's pains and griefs. Amen." 

  How easily can we reach sanctity by doing this! Let us then spend this Lent fruitfully and get closer to our heavenly home. God bless!