Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Heroic Virtue

 Watching the Church for the past several years, it's pretty obvious that we live in much different times than before. With indifference in the modern youth, we run the risk of losing our Faith. When the time comes for us to defend the Church, how many will be faithful? A good way to provide for the Church, even when we're still young, is to begin our heroic virtues.

  One of the main characteristics of the saints is how they performed their daily duties to perfection. By doing this, we can begin to practice heroic virtue and grow in the spiritual life. Therefore, since our merit on earth affects the whole Church, we should strive to perfect our own souls first. How can we do this? It's as simple as doing what you always do, but using it to perfect the soul. If you don't feel like getting out of bed, get out and use it to strengthen your will. Perhaps try to do extra cleaning around the house for the love of Our Lady. This is exactly what St. Therese did, and look how saintly she got!
  I especially recommend this daily sanctification to the youth because the more time you have, the better. Of course it will get difficult, but the more perfect you get, the higher you get in heaven! Really, that's the only reason we're on earth, to determine if we go to heaven. Not only will we get higher in our glorious home, but we will also give more glory to God. Things here on earth never last, so why not put it all towards God, and be able to enjoy His goodness forever!

  It's much more impressive to a society to see a teen practicing virtue than an older Catholic, and so by our example we can play such an important part in spreading the Faith. We can bring the eternal love, what people are always searching for, with our good examples and all while meriting more for heaven. Just imagine at the Last Judgement, when Jesus comes to you. What will He say? Will He sadly move on, or kindly smile? Therefore keep the end before your eyes and when the upcoming tribulations and persecutions come, which the Church will surely see, you will be able to stand up for Christ, and one day enjoy the eternal rest prepared for you from the foundations of the earth.  I finally suggest the book, “Preparation for Death” by St. Alphonsus.  It’s one of the best book I've ever read and you can find it online. God bless you all!

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