Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sanctify Your Day

As Catholics, we should have the desire to be saints. But how do we do it? One may think that it's extremely difficult to become a saint, but let us just follow St. Therese's method, sanctifying each day in the little things. Here is a list of things to keep in mind to make becoming a saint easier every day.

1. Start the Day Off Well - Try to begin your day right. The best way is to start with a prayer and get up promptly instead of pressing the snooze button a million times. A good method is to dedicate all our actions to the actions of Our Lord and Our Lady while they were on earth, purifying them with the Precious Blood. This way every second of every day, you're gaining merit, which you can put towards your intentions, penance, and the souls in Purgatory. Not only this, but you can unite your every breath and heartbeat with Our Lord’s, in order to get the virtues you're having trouble acquiring. This way, you can focus on one virtue each day and overcome your vices. Finally, you can place yourself in spirit on the altars of the world at Mass for the perfection of your soul. This way your day is accompanied with grace and divine love.

2. Perfecting Your Daily Duty - The best way to conform yourself to God's Will is by perfecting your daily duty. God doesn't expect heroic actions, only heroic virtue in little actions. Therefore, each day, work on perfecting the day; if you’re a student, try your best to study and not get distracted; if you’re a mom, try not to let the kids get you too stressed out, but offer it towards patience. This brings me towards another point, there's a little formula you can say that will help with little annoyances. Simply, when something is bothering you, say "Jesus, Mary, Precious Blood," which purifies the moment and gives it to Our Lord and Our Lady, or some other ejaculation, like "Jesus, Mary, I love You! Save souls!", or "Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make our hearts like unto Thine." God will grant actual grace for the moment, therefore when you're most in need, ask! Perfect your duty, and happiness will imprint on your soul, never to leave.

3. Fight the Temptation! - Now consider the fact that when you begin to do this, the devil is NOT going to be happy. But don't worry, you can win this battle! The best way to defeat temptation is to run from it. Impure thought? Move on! Don't think, “oh no!,” then he'll play around and get you. The devil is completely powerless to tempt you without God's consent, which He will use for a greater good, so use those temptations for the good of your soul. The devil never sleeps and you're always in battle, but Our Lord is just waiting to give you the sword He was talking about in Matthew 10:34 "Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword." Let us then fight and make our divine Redeemer smile upon us each day.

4. Keep God in Mind and Look to Heaven - Never forget during your day to see God’s love for you and never forget your true home, heaven, by working out your perfection. Each day you get closer and closer, so be joyful, you're doing the right thing and preparing a higher and higher place in heaven. 

5. Faults - Yet we all commit faults, and faults, which can become sins, can really get us down. Instead of grieving at every fault, say a quick act of contrition, humble yourself, and move on. If we learn from our faults, we will be brought even closer to God, and give our soul a good healthy dose of humility.

6. End of the Day - So you made it! To end the day, finish off with some prayers, in particular, this one: This will purify your day, and to sleep well at night, I recommend this prayer: I found all these prayers in the book, "Prayers and Heavenly Promises," which I recommend to everyone. As I mentioned in my previous article, I also like to say the prayer which prepares the soul for death, "Oh Lord, my God, from this moment do I accept from Thy hands, with burning love and sincere contrition, with a calm and willing disposition, whatsoever death Thou shalt choose to send me, with its pains and grief. Amen." Of course, say the prayers you like, and end the day feeling satisfied that the first step closer to God began this day!

God bless you all!

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