Saturday, 20 July 2013

Freaking Out and the End of the World

We've all heard someone speaking about the end of the world. "When is it going to be??" "It's coming soon for sure!" 'We need to prepare for the Last Judgment!" Yes, the end of the world will come, yes we can watch the signs of the times as Our Lord suggested, but there can be many dangers:
 Anxiety -  When you consider the end times to be any day now, and dwell on what's going to happen when it comes, our whole spiritual life becomes cluttered with fearful distraction and unnecessary anxiety. We have no control of the future, and if we are in the state of grace, why worry? God is in control of the future, and all we have is the present, so why waste it on useless worrying?
Different Opinion of God - Another danger would be to begin having a different view of God. Thinking always about doom and gloom makes you begin to think that God perhaps isn't as loving and merciful as you thought. Of course you can keep yourself updated on what wars are going on and such, but worryingly waiting for the atomic bombs to go off for WWIII isn't going to benefit your soul. Your mind will never be able to grow through the thoughts and inspirations from God, it will just be worrying and forgetting the goodness of God.
Wasting Time - One doesn't realize how much time one loses when it comes to worrying. Minutes, hours, and days can be lost when we're worrying about everything! God doesn't want us to worry about anything, and just as Saint Pio said, "Pray, hope, and don't worry." Especially in these times, we can easily fall into anxiety, but how much easier will life be if we just trust God and go on perfecting our souls.
So what now? Well, we can definitely watch what's going on, and yes it will be gloomy, but keep your head up! God will always be in control and will always be loving and thinking about you! The end times will come, and since the anti-Christ has to come before, lets only start to think of worrying after he comes. God bless and Our Lady protect you all!

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  1. Thanks. You always have inciteful thoughts. I love your writing style.

  2. Thank you very much!! Would you like me to write an article on a particular topic?