Thursday, 18 July 2013

Freedom or Slavery?

We are constantly hearing the word freedom. Freedom this, freedom that - we use it so much that it has almost lost its meaning. In fact, it's taken on a whole new definition! Freedom in these times means being free from God's laws, free from society's laws, free from even natural laws. But are we really free? Could laws actually be a path to freedom? Well, let's see.

 Since we consider ourselves to be free when we no longer have laws, let us use a hypothetical example from the family. In this family there are no laws, no rules, no religion, nothing of the sort. The family members can do what they want, but is there real happiness? The children are slaves to their feelings and vices, the parents are slaves to their debts and regular TV shows, there is no control, and no order. Without order there cannot be happiness, which the freedom seekers are really after.

 And with laws? With laws we have boundaries. Just like a soccer game must have boundaries to function, so must we have boundaries in our lives to be happy. When one obeys all the laws which God has given him, he is set free of himself, of his vices, even of the world! Who knew laws could put you even above the saying, "The sky's the limit." And when you have law in the home, the children obey their parents and grow up with good common sense. The parents do their duty and take care of all that is needed to be done. There is order, and everyone is happy. And what about the teenagers who keep complaining they want freedom? Well, really give this a chance. Your parents were teens once... sounds cliché, but it's true, and you can learn from their mistakes. You can learn from everyone's mistakes and have a bright start! Just try it... I promise it's much better than it sounds.

 And what about God, does He restrain my freedom? No. Yes we were given free will, yes we have the choice to follow Him, and yes we can "follow the way we want," but these gifts were to benefit us, not put us against God! We were given free will to make the choice so that we may freely love God. We were given the choice so that we can freely love His Son, and isn't it best to serve God the way His Son taught and the way the Church teaches? This way we can serve Him the way He wants to be served, not the way we prefer. After all, the real freedom we're searching for is the freedom in heaven, so why not compromise a little with our modern age comforts in order for us and others to get to eternal happiness. Real freedom is the fact that we have a choice to follow God or not. We may have the choice, but we don't have the right to deny Him; He's the whole reason we're here! Let us then choose correctly, and find real freedom which is Truth.

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