Friday, 26 July 2013

Sins, Despair, and the Love of God

“For love of souls, I instituted the Sacrament of Penance, that I might forgive them, not once or twice, but as often as they need it to recover grace. There I wait for them, longing to wash away their sins, not in water, but in My Blood. How often in the course of the ages have I, in one way or another, made known My love for men: I have shown them how ardently I desire their salvation. I have revealed My Heart to them. This devotion has been as light cast over the whole earth, and today by its means those who labour to gain souls to My service have been enabled to do so." - Our Lord's words to Sister Josepha Menéndez. 

If our heart isn't in the right place in the 21st century, the world can suck us in an instant, causing us to commit innumerable sins that add up, and in this pressured society, this can lead to the sin of despair.

 But there is always hope in the darkest of situations. No matter what you did Our Lord still died for you, is still thinking of you, and will always be on fire for love of you. Let us then speak of His love for sinners, since this is the best way to increase our hope.

 1) His love for individuals - Although Our Lord died for the whole human race, and loves the human race as a whole, He loves you singularly. As St. Augustine said, "If you were the only person on earth, Christ would have still suffered and died for you." When He was in Agony in the Garden of Olives, He was thinking of you, when He was being whipped, He persevered for love of you, when He was nailed to the Cross, He asked His Father to forgive you! Not only that, but He thinks of you every moment of every day, making sure you have everything you need, protecting you and strengthening you against the devil. Look at His Sacred Heart! There's a reason it's on fire, it burns for YOU.

2) His tenderness towards sinners - "But my sins are too horrible..." Guess what, He knew you were going to say that, so He was thinking of you when He spoke of the Prodigal Son. He didn't say the father of the sinful son cast him away, rather He threw a party because he was so happy! Yes you made a mistake, just go and confess it! There's a reason there's a confessional waiting for you, just go do it. Ashamed? Mary Magdalene was too - did Jesus not forgive her? Our Lord is especially tender to the repentant sinner, just like the sheep that went astray. He said it Himself that the good shepherd looks for his one sheep out of ninety nine - He was saying that for a reason.... He was thinking of you!

3) His never ending hope - Not only is His love infinite, but He waits every second of every day for you to think of Him once more so he can inspire you to turn back. Although humans change, God never changes, Truth never changes, and His mercy never changes. He said in the Bible that He didn't come for the just, but the sinner! Do you think he wouldn't forgive you because of what you've done? Don't forget His Blood was poured out for you in hope that one day you would return.

 Therefore fight the temptation to give up and fall into the easy world. Just imagine on your deathbed - would you be happy with giving up, or would you regret not turning back when you had the chance? So turn back! He's waiting for you! Peace be to all of you, and may Our Lord's guiding light find you from the dark tunnels of the world.

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