Wednesday, 31 July 2013

So... what do I pray for?

rosary-prayerEveryone knows it's easy to pray for material things. Cars, houses, money, you name it, it's been prayed for. But when it comes down to praying for grace to help with the spiritual life, what do we really need and what should we pray for?

Humility: Humility is one of the most important graces, because it reveals who we really are compared to God. If we sincerely ask God for an increase in humility, He's going to see that we aren't prancing around like a prideful Pharisee preaching on how good we are, but actually turning to Him for the help only He can give. Through humility we can give God the glory He deserves, progress through the spiritual life, love our neighbour more rather than thinking we're better than them, and set ourselves free from the bonds of pride.

Perseverance: No matter how far we've gotten in the spiritual life, it doesn't matter if we give up later on and go back to our old ways. Praying for the grace to persevere everyday will help us to get through even the most difficult trials, and bring us to eternal happiness.

Love of Neighbour: The second most important commandment from Our Lord is to love our neighbour, so it's quite obvious that we should pray to love them. Always keep in mind that you must love everyone and wish them to get to heaven, even the most annoying of your enemies, forgive them if they've done any injustice towards you, and not speak unkindly about them. Hard to do? Well... that's why you're praying for it!

Patience and Long Suffering: Praying for patience should always be on our list because we get annoyed very easily. Not only do we get annoyed easily, but we find it hard to suffer for a long time patiently. Therefore beg Our Lord for the patience He had when He was enduring the three hours of agony on the Cross. I know sometimes it seems like life is too difficult to bear, but give it to Christ and ask Him to take over!  Ask Him to do all things you think impossible, as there's nothing He cannot do.

Love of God: Since this is at the bottom, it must be pointed out that this must be the foundation of all the rest. We need a reason to have these virtues and to live in the spiritual life. Asking for an increase of the love of God will always be given, in fact, whatever is good for the soul will be given! A burning love for Our Lord will continuously give us the strength to humble ourselves, continue to the end, love all, and bear all through Him and His Blessed Mother.

God always wants to help you with anything you need. He is constantly waiting for you in the tabernacle! So go! Ask and it will be given you! God bless you all!

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