Thursday, 8 August 2013

Going to Mass

Sometimes going to Mass can just seem like the same thing over and over... sit in the pew, stand, sit, kneel, and that's about it. But why do we go to Mass? What are the benefits? Why does God want us to go in the first place? Hopefully we can get all these questions answered.

Firstly, why do we go to Mass, and do we have to? The reason we go to Mass is because God wanted us to. The third commandment says, "Remember to keep the Lord's day holy." There's so many reasons for setting 
aside day for God. He's the whole reason we're living. He sent His beloved Son to make up for our sins, and all He asks for is one day for Him to be remembered, one day to fill us with grace, one single day to be spoken to.

 And the fact of the matter is, we NEED Mass. We need 
food for the body, and we need food for our soul, the Body and Blood of Our Lord. We go to Mass to ask Him for the grace we need, to beg for pardon for our sins, and to give thanks and glory to Him! 

Let's see what Cardinal Bacci has to say about this:

The sacrifice of the Mass is the noblest act of our religion. In it is renewed in a real but unbloody manner the Sacrifice of Calvary.

Jesus desired to remain with us throughout the centuries in the Blessed Eucharist as our friend, comforter, and spiritual food. Similarly, not being satisfied with having shed His precious Blood on the Cross for our redemption, it was His wish that this sacrificial action should be renewed daily in every corner of the world in such a way that everyone could participate in it and benefit from it. When we are present at Holy Mass, therefore, we should imagine that we are on Calvary at the foot of the Cross on which our divine Redeemer is voluntarily giving His life as an innocent victim for our sins. Let us see Him hanging between earth and sky, a holocaust of propitiation between God and men. Let us see Him imploring with His dying glance forgiveness for His executioners and for us sinners.

Let us imagine, moreover, His most holy Mother as she gazes sorrowfully upon her suffering Son. With love far greater than that of any other human creature, she offers herself in union with Jesus for our salvation. 

We should make a similar offering when we assist at the Sacrifice of the altar. We should sacrifice ourselves along with Jesus. If we are tormented by sufferings, let us offer them up along with those of Jesus. If we are troubled by passionate inclinations to sin, let us sacrifice these bravely along with Jesus for love of Him. If we are full of hatred and coldness towards others, let us sacrifice these feelings for love of Jesus, Who forgave everybody and prayed even for His executioners. 

Let us remember that the Sacrifice of the Mass should be our sacrifice also. It is not only the priest who offers it, but we offer it along with the priest and with Jesus. "Receive, O Holy Trinity, this oblation which we make to Thee." Let us unite the offering of our entire selves to the Sacrifice of Jesus and we shall obtain great spiritual benefits."

He has humbled Himself and waits for us in the tabernacle all week so He can see us on Sunday and come into our soul. His desire is so great, that if we don't go, the Church has made it a mortal sin. We must also make sure we are in the state of grace as well to receive Him. He's waiting for Sunday to see you, why stay away?

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