Thursday, 15 August 2013

Happy Feast of the Assumption!

Hail and blessed be this day! Today is the day in which Our Lady was taken body and soul into heaven, a day to be remembered and commemorated. The purest of God's creatures looks down upon us, waiting for us to remember her, pray to her, and thank her for all that she does for us. Let us then speak about who she is, and what role she plays in the Church and our own lives.

 Purest of creatures: Our Lady was conceived without original sin and is then free from any stain of sin. Our Lord, when coming to earth, wanted the purest of mothers in order to become man, and so He created her without original sin. Nonetheless, she was human and knows exactly how hard it is to live in this world. In fact, during the Passion of Jesus, she was there as well, sharing the pain for us because of the burning love she shares with her Son for us. And now from the clouds of heaven she tenderly watches us, waiting for us to enter Paradise. Mother most pure, pray for us!

Her tender protection: "When Jesus therefore had seen his mother and the disciple standing whom he loved, he saith to his mother: Woman, behold thy son. After that, he saith to the disciple: Behold thy mother. And from that hour, the disciple took her to his own." (John 19 - 26-27) Not only is she the Mother of God, but she is our mother! She protects us and offers us the strength to avoid any kind of sin, and leads us to the straight and narrow path. How happy we can be to know that as long as we follow God's laws and use Mary's inspirations, we can become saints! Let us then not ignore her protection, and listen to St. Louis de Montfort,"As in the natural life a child must have a father and a mother, so in the supernatural life of grace a true child of the Church must have God for his Father and Mary for his mother. If he prides himself on having God for his Father but does not give to Mary the tender affection of a true child, he is an impostor and his father is the devil." Mother most kind, pray for us!

Her purifying heart: Through her most blessed heart, we can offer up our prayers through her to God in order that they may be purified and offered up with the greatest of human love. St. Louis de Montfort explains again, "Dear friend, what a difference there is between a soul brought up in the ordinary way to resemble Jesus Christ by people who, like sculptors, rely on their own skill and industry, and a soul thoroughly tractable, entirely detached, most ready to be moulded in her by the working of the Holy Spirit. What blemishes and defects, what shadows and distortions, what natural and human imperfections are found in the first soul, and what a faithful and divine likeness to Jesus is found in the second!" Immaculate heart of Mary, pray for us!

But one may ask, are we loving her too much? If I love her too much I could be accused of worshipping her! This is completely false. To the Catholic, it couldn't be more obvious that we are not worshipping her. We are honouring her and venerating her as the Mother of the Most High, the faithful handmaiden who gave her life for Our Lord, and who guides us to His heart. How great will be the fruits! Let me end with the fitting words of St. Louis de Montfort:" Chosen soul, provided you thus carefully cultivate the Tree of Life, which has been freshly planted in your soul by the Holy Spirit, I can assure you that in a short time it will grow so tall that the birds of the air will make their home in it. It will become such a good tree that it will yield in due season the sweet and adorable Fruit of honour and grace, which is Jesus, who has always been and will always be the only fruit of Mary. Happy is that soul in which Mary, the Tree of Life, is planted. Happier still is the soul in which she has been able to grow and blossom. Happier again is the soul in which she brings forth her fruit. But happiest of all is the soul which savours the sweetness of Mary's fruit and preserves it up till death and then beyond to all eternity. Amen. Let him who possesses it, hold fast to it."

Our Lady of the Assumption, pray for us.

Want more? Read St. Louis de Montfort's work, "The Secret of Mary"

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