Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Thoughts on One Direction and Classical Music

Have you ever been asked the question, “What do you think of One Direction? How about Justin Bieber?” I know I have many times, but is that the real question? I think we should be asking what is its effect on the person and the soul, and if we should be listening to it.
 Firstly, I am not condemning anyone and telling you that you will sin grievously if you are listening to them. No, but this is a strong opinion of mine. I consider all these bands and artists to be like overly sugared candy. You can listen and listen, dance like a maniac and enjoy yourself, but you do not really gain anything from their music. It is almost like their music pushes anything of substance from out of your soul in order to move the sugary stuff in. 
 So I performed an experiment. I started getting rid of pop music and listening to classical music and traditional Catholic hymns. At first, to be honest, it was not easy, and I just wanted the sugar back. It was almost as if my soul did not want richness or substance. It preferred the sugar. But when the soul cannot even accept this wholesome music, how is it supposed to accept anything else that is good? I was determined to get off my musical sugar addiction, and I found another world! I am so happy I did, because now I can share with my readers that I found the next path in that "other world" I keep mentioning. Beauty was the beginning, nature was the drawing force, and this new and rich music the hidden path. All of these things popular culture wants to shut out; don't let them! Beautiful music opens the soul and inspires it to the thoughts of God. Music can let you taste what is next in heaven. Music can heal, rejuvenate, and lead the mind far from this fading world.
 Can One Direction do that? I think it does the opposite. You may argue it is fine, for maybe sugar does have its place. However, I would like you to try to go a few weeks without pop music. Yes, it may be painful, but I promise in the end that the results will be beautiful. What music, you may ask, can replace this pop music? Here are some things I am listening to now which may help:
 Celtic Music: 
Chopin's Nocturnes:
Gregorian Chant: 
Passion of the Christ Soundtrack:
Thomas Newman:

 Go explore the music world, there's so much out there waiting for you! May Our Lord and Our Lady watch over and protect you all!

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