Sunday, 8 September 2013

War on Syria - A Way to Open Our Eyes

 In our world today, Syria is the focus of everyone's attention. The thought of war escalating strikes fear in our eyes, and we pray for mercy... but maybe that's what we need. 
 When we face the prospect of war, we are likely to become more fervent. We pray more, we look to heaven and sometimes even prepare for death. God often allows the evil of war to wake up a sleeping world, and to offer the opportunity for repentance to sinful souls. Here's an example: We all remember the Miracle of the Sun, when Our Lady appeared in Fatima to the children and gave them a sign. Not only did the sun dance in the sky, but it began to fall! It began to fall and all the people fell on their knees and begged for mercy. "It's the end of the world!" "Save us oh Lord!" All this could be heard, sinners repented and begged for mercy... and the sun stopped falling. Our Lord allowed this in order that those in Fatima would repent; it brought out a greater good.
 God works in a similar way today. Our world has gone so far, people have fallen so hard, God has been shut out for so long, that perhaps this is our last chance. Maybe there will be war, maybe not, who knows. All we know is that there is a chance, and that we should repent now! In fact, we should repent nonetheless because we could die today! But some people don't see death before their eyes, so the threat of war sometimes is the only way God can their eyes. 
 Therefore pray! God is trying His hardest to wake us up and rescue us from everlasting flames. If we don't listen now, it's likely we will have a chastisement, perhaps a war. We've gone too far, all we have now is God's mercy. We've chosen to serve ourselves, not God, and now it's time to turn back before it's too late. May God watch over us and protect us. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

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