Saturday, 19 October 2013

Why We Should Be Saints

 Recently I came back from a pilgrimage to the Canadian Martyr's Shrine, and was inspired to share with you all my thoughts on the kindness of God and why we should be saints: 

As a painting reflects the painter, as the music reflects the heart of a musician, so does the creations of God reflect His goodness. When we look at saints and very holy men around us, we can see within them, not themselves, but God working through them. These people tend to be kind, gentle, and tender towards everyone they pass. This is because when a Catholic gives himself to God, God replaces his nothingness with sheer goodness, and within goodness, virtue and gentle love. Through holy men we can see only a vague image of how good God is! Even in the 21st century, when men gravely sin and abandon God, He gently waits for us to turn to Him once more and gently draws us to His heart. Just read what he told Sister Josepha Menendez, “I would like these [those living with sin] to understand that it is not the fact of being in sin that ought to keep them from Me. They must never think that there is no remedy for them, nor that they have forfeited forever the love that once was theirs.... No, poor souls, the God who has shed all His Blood for you has no such feelings for you!” 

Though we may search for pleasure in this life, it is impossible to fill our hearts because our hearts weren't made for that. We are meant to be saints! Our world just wants you to be a "good person." God certainly doesn't just want you to be mediocre, He wants you to be the best saint you can possibly be! We cannot live lives of pleasure and self-love and get to heaven, rather we must leave this barren world for the next. We can't just live the way of the world, filled with materialism and false happiness. There is one supreme source of happiness, and if we give up ourselves totally to God, we are capable of great things and perfect happiness!

 And if we're capable of great things, why settle for just being a good Catholic? Strive to be a great saint! Think of it this way, imagine Our Lord calls you up at the Last Judgment to stand in the midst of all, who would you like to be? Do you want to be known as a mediocre Catholic who just did his duty and just made it into heaven after going to Purgatory for a while, or a great saint who strived to be "perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect?" God made us to reflect His goodness, let's reflect Him to the best of our ability! If He took the time to make us and even die for us, let's pay Him back by serving and loving Him as much as we possibly can! Fulfill your duty of state, forgive your enemies, make acts of reparation and mortification, and BECOME A GREAT SAINT!

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