Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Letter to the Desolate

When all light goes out, when all love seems to fade away, when all hope departs, we find our eyes fixed to heaven. It’s perhaps the only thing left for us in this Valley of Tears. And you may ask yourself, “Does He really care? How much does He love me? Will He take care of me?” And my answer to this is, YES!

The whole reason you’re here is that God wanted to bring you into existence for all eternity to reflect His infinite goodness! And even when we turned our backs on Him, He was calling us back. He desired our love so much that He sent His Son to die the most horrible death for us so that we may be set free of this world and enter the next! And not only did His Son die, but His Son died without consolations, without friends, in complete darkness. And so we find ourselves in darkness, waiting for a friend, a light, a reason to live. But we are not alone. Our Lord wanted us to see Him isolated in the Passion to tell us that we are not alone! If your friends leave you, like the apostles left Him, He’ll still be there. If your family is broken apart, He’ll still be there, giving you His own mother in case you find yourself in need of one. If all worldly happiness is completely gone, He’ll still be there waiting to show you the happiness in the next life. If the world hates you, it’s God way of saying that you’re not meant for this life!

 People may say you’re not worth it, He says you’re worth dying for. People may say you’re not good enough, He says He will fill you with goodness so that you are far more better than the world could ever dream of! People may say you’re not smart, you’re not pretty, you’re not capable, you’re never going to make it… if only they knew how wrong they were. God loves you. He loves you more than your mind could comprehend. He doesn’t want you to suffer, and if you are, He’s only allowing it so He can bring out a greater good. And yet He doesn’t just choose anyone to confide His heart to, He chooses those who are disliked in this world, who have been rejected, because He too was rejected. He chose to be in your shoes once so He could feel your pain and merit the strength you need. He was hated, He was mocked, and He thought of you when He said, “I thirst!” He thirsts for your love!
But where is He? How can I find the Truth when He seems so far away? Well, we ask! We seek! We knock! Our Lord will show you the Truth, but you must ask Him incessantly until He does. He needs to see that we need Him and aren’t just indifferently asking. Also ask His Mother to ask Him to help you. Our Lord will never refuse anything asked from his Mother! Have hope! This is the beginning of a journey, a new way of life for you! The path which Our Lord will show you will set you free from the cares of the world, from your worrying, from all that troubles you. And the key to this hidden door is prayer. Even if you just say once a day, “Dear Mary, please ask thy Son to show me the Truth as it really is, to help me in my life, to set me free by His grace!” is infinitely important! If you seek the hand of God long enough, He will not only grab yours but embrace you! He doesn’t care about the silly things this world cares about. He cares only for your happiness, your holiness, and your entering into the kingdom of heaven. So trust in Him, no one in the history of the world has EVER been let down, why would you be an exception? And if any good came out of this article for you, it was because He wanted to tell you these things. In fact, Our Blessed Lord gave us a prayer and promised that anyone who said it faithfully would obtain conversion. It can also be said that a soul that says this will obtain second conversion, or a finding of the Truth.

“Eternal Father, I offer You the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ to heal the wounds of our souls.”

Also, Our Lady promised that anyone who reminds her of the joy she felt when she said, “Behold the handmaiden of the Lord!” will be consoled by her. Let us use these prayers and go on our journey to our heavenly home.

 May God then bless you with His grace, protect you with His tenderness, and heal you with His love! And may Our Lady hide you under her mantle so that you may be set free from this Valley of Tears!

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