Monday, 27 January 2014

Observations of a Fast Food Worker

While working at a fast food place, I've had some time to reflect. I began to realize many things about modern man and the modern world behind a food counter. Let me then tell them to you in point form.

Impatience - The name of fast food says it all - food that's fast. In our society we've learned to eliminate any type of patience and have lapsed back into a tyrannical impatience. We have developed the tendency that if we don't get what we want NOW, all hell will break loose. There is no more charity, no more meekness towards our neighbour, and no forgiveness if our neighbour makes a mistake. 

Solution - Instead of following everyone in this horrible vice, practice virtues of patience, kindness, and forgiveness. We're all humans, we're not perfect. Society desires us to be perfect because it's in the human nature to desire perfection. Unfortunately, because society has forgotten about God and His infinite perfection which they really desire, they expect perfection from us. So bear the weaknesses of others meekly and often reflect your own vices that are like theirs to avoid pride. How much you will grow in the spiritual life if you do this!

Gluttony - With fast food at our fingertips, full of fat, sugar, and who knows what else, we can indulge as much as we please! Super-sized, combos, and extra large drinks are very popular choices right now. And really, can you possibly eat all of that? No, unless you stuff yourself beyond physical possibility! And not only is it too much food, but it really is bad for you if you include the amounts of fat and sugar.

Solution - I always had the problem of taking much more than I could eat, so take slightly less than you think you can eat. This will avoid the sin of gluttony, make you feel much better because you're not about to explode, and make you healthier! Remember, we must take great care of our souls, but our bodies as well. So eat properly - you'll be glad you did.

Another Kind of Gluttony - A lot of people don't know this, but there is another half to the vice of gluttony - the tendency to be overly picky. Too much sauce, too much pepper, not wrapped perfectly, we've heard it all. But really, if you made this food yourself at home, would it be a picture of perfection? No! In truth, one extra tomato isn't going to kill you.

Solution - Eat to live, don't live to eat. It's as simple as that! If we seek the kingdom of God before all things, as Our Lord Jesus Christ told us, everything will be freely added unto us! Accept from God what is given you, it will make it much easier on yourself and the people around you.

Sloth - And with fast food comes no effort. No effort in making the food, waiting for the food, nothing. And what happens when there is no effort in anything? Laziness. Modern man has no willpower anymore! And when someone becomes so poisoned with sloth, the modern world and the Devil can do with him what they please! How could someone like that possibly try to swim against the current? 

Solution - To combat this dangerous vice, make occasional acts of mortification that will strengthen your will. Get up when your alarm clock goes off (or just press your snooze button one less time than you usually do... let's try to make this possible!), don't say anything when someone accuses you of something you didn't do and so on. You'll really grow in strength and combat the sleepiness of our world!

To end this article, I'd like you to watch this incredible movie. It informs people about what's really in our food, and I found it very helpful. May God bless you and Our Lady protect you!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Most Holy Rosary - Benefits and Blessings

Once again, these quotes are taken from St. Louis de Montfort's books, "Secret of the Rosary."

"Saint Gregory of Nyssa makes a delightful comparison when he says that we are all artists and that our souls are blank canvasses which we have to fill in. The colours which we use are the Christian virtues, and the original which we have to copy is Jesus Christ, the perfect living image of God the Father. Just as a painter  who wants to do a life-like portrait places the model before his eyes and looks at it before making each stroke,  so the Christian must always have before his eyes the life and virtues of Jesus Christ, so as never to say,  think or do anything which is not in conformity with his model."

"It was because our Lady wanted to help us in the great task of working out our salvation that she ordered Saint Dominic to teach the faithful to meditate upon the sacred mysteries of the life of Jesus Christ. She did this, not only that they might adore and glorify him, but chiefly that they might pattern their lives and actions on "

"Jesus Christ, the divine spouse of our souls and our very dear friend, wishes us to remember his goodness to us and to prize his gifts above all else. Whenever we meditate devoutly and lovingly upon the sacred mysteries of the Rosary, he receives an added joy, as also do our Lady and all the saints in heaven. His gifts are the most outstanding results of his love for us and the richest presents he could possibly give us, and it is by virtue of such presents that the Blessed Virgin herself and all the saints are glorified in heaven. One day Blessed Angela of Foligno begged our Lord to let her know by which religious exercise she could honour him best. He appeared to her nailed to his cross and said, "My daughter, look at my wounds." She then  realized that nothing pleases our dear Lord more than meditating upon his sufferings. Then he showed her the  wounds on his head and revealed still other sufferings and said to her, "I have suffered all this for your salvation. What can you ever do to return my love for you?"

"The holy sacrifice of the Mass gives infinite honour to the most Blessed Trinity because it represents the passion of Jesus Christ and because through the Mass we offer to God the merits of our Lord's obedience, of  his sufferings, and of his precious blood. All the heavenly court also receive an added joy from the Mass. Several doctors of the Church, including St. Thomas, tell us that, for the same reason, all the blessed in heaven rejoice in the communion of the faithful because the Blessed Sacrament is a memorial of the passion and death of Jesus Christ, and that by means of it men share in its fruits and work out their salvation."

"Now the holy Rosary, recited with the meditation on the sacred mysteries, is a sacrifice of praise to God for the great gift of our redemption and a holy reminder of the sufferings, death and glory of Jesus Christ. It is therefore true that the Rosary gives glory and added joy to our Lord, our Lady and all the blessed, because they cannot desire anything greater, for the sake of our eternal happiness, than to see us engaged in a practice which is so glorious for our Lord and so salutary for ourselves."

"I SHOULD LIKE to give you even more reason for embracing this devotion which so many great souls have practiced; the Rosary recited with meditation on the mysteries brings about the following marvelous results: 

1. it gradually gives us a perfect knowledge of Jesus Christ; 
2. it purifies our souls, washing away sin; 
3. it gives us victory over all our enemies; 
4. it makes it easy for us to practise virtue; 
5. it sets us on fire with love of Our Blessed Lord; 
6. it enriches us with graces and merits; 
7. it supplies us with what is needed to pay all our debts to God and to our fellow men, and finally, it obtains all kinds of graces for us from Almighty God. "

"The knowledge of Jesus Christ is the science of Christians and the science of salvation; Saint Paul says that it surpasses all human sciences in value and perfection.  This is true: 

1. because of the dignity of its object, which is a God-man compared to Whom the whole universe is but a drop of dew or a grain of sand; 
2. because of its helpfulness to us; human sciences, on the other hand, but fill us with the smoke and emptiness of pride; 
3. and finally, because of its utter necessity: for no one can possibly be saved without the knowledge of Jesus Christ----and yet a man who knows absolutely nothing of any of the other sciences will be saved as long as he is illumined by the science of Jesus Christ."

Blessed is the Rosary which gives us this science and knowledge of our Blessed Lord through our meditations on His life, death, passion and glory."

(Please read the whole book!!

Friday, 17 January 2014

The Crisis

 Dear reader, I thank you for reading my blog this far, and today I’d like to speak of some things that concern me about what is happening in the Church. Now I could write many things, like comparisons of the Traditional Catholic and the Modern Catholic and so forth, but I thought I would take a different approach. There is one point that is obvious to all, Catholics have lost their unity. The Devil has succeeded in completely destroying the unity of the Catholics. There are liberal Catholics, conservative Catholics, Catholics in name only, sedevacantist Catholics, and so on. We can no longer agree on which Mass we should go to on Sunday, what spirituality we should have, or even what the Pope is talking about! And how did this all come about? It was when we let the world in. After the Second Vatican Council, we took away the kneelers, we changed the Mass, we began receiving Communion in the hand, we took away the Confession boxes, and we even destroyed beautiful churches so they would have a more modern look! And perhaps there are arguments for these points, but many men have changed their way of thinking in the Church. It’s this sense of “naturalism,” this idea that everyone is good, that there is no need for sacrifices, this worldly view that has ruined our unity! Our Lord Himself said that “If the world hateth you, know that it hated Me before.” This is not our home, heaven is. The world is full of pleasure, of sin, of rejection of God. We are either children of God, or children of the world. We cannot mix the two because they are completely opposed in everything! And yet we are seeing that the modern Church is trying to mix the two, and this is where the Devil succeeded. There is no more unity, and “A kingdom divided against itself will fall.”

 The second point that concerns me is the fact that Catholics are afraid to speak out for their Faith when it comes to other religions. We can read in the “Lives of the Saint” these great saints who died in the most horrible ways because they wouldn’t accept false religions. And yet here we are, saying that everyone is right, everyone is good, and no one has to convert. St. Thomas Aquinas once said that the Catholic Church is like Noah’s Arc - you cannot be saved outside of it. Our Lord gave us His Church so that we may have a guide to sanctification, a light to the Truth, and path to heaven! This narrow path is found in the Catholic Church alone, God cannot lead you to heaven through any other religion! And so, as Catholics, we are bound to proclaim this Truth! Yet our modern world tells us to keep quiet, to keep our beliefs inside and be nice to everyone all the time. The main argument for this is the example that Our Lord ate with sinners and criminals. But He ate with them to convert them, to proclaim the Truth! He didn’t sit there just to be nice and friendly to everyone, look what He did to those people selling in the temple! He didn’t say that it was nice that they were trying to make a tidy sum from selling sacrifices to people. He said that they turned the House of Prayer into a den of thieves! If we don’t proclaim the Church as it has always been, we will easily fall into this modern error. Let us proclaim the Gospel of Our Lord as it has always been taught!

Yet what should we do? Where should we go? How are we to think when the whole world is torn with confusion? Well, we go back and see what the people did when the times weren’t confusing. We stick to Tradition, to the teachings of the Doctors of the Church, to the Gospel! We cannot follow blindly all the time; God gave us an intellect and free will for a reason. If the Pope and the faithful begin saying things that are false or concerning, we have the obligation to think! We have to look around us and see the Truth. We must open our eyes and choose to see before our time here on earth is gone. Yes, the Pope may say some good things; the priests may give us very wise advice! But when we see confusion, division, and disorder, we must step back, be cautious, and cling to Tradition – the teachings that have been passed down to the Church for two thousand years. And please, I beg of you, pray the rosary. Our Lady knew these times would come so she gave us an amazing weapon. May Our Lord detach us from this earth, bless us with His graces, and Our Lady deliver us from this discord.