Monday, 27 January 2014

Observations of a Fast Food Worker

While working at a fast food place, I've had some time to reflect. I began to realize many things about modern man and the modern world behind a food counter. Let me then tell them to you in point form.

Impatience - The name of fast food says it all - food that's fast. In our society we've learned to eliminate any type of patience and have lapsed back into a tyrannical impatience. We have developed the tendency that if we don't get what we want NOW, all hell will break loose. There is no more charity, no more meekness towards our neighbour, and no forgiveness if our neighbour makes a mistake. 

Solution - Instead of following everyone in this horrible vice, practice virtues of patience, kindness, and forgiveness. We're all humans, we're not perfect. Society desires us to be perfect because it's in the human nature to desire perfection. Unfortunately, because society has forgotten about God and His infinite perfection which they really desire, they expect perfection from us. So bear the weaknesses of others meekly and often reflect your own vices that are like theirs to avoid pride. How much you will grow in the spiritual life if you do this!

Gluttony - With fast food at our fingertips, full of fat, sugar, and who knows what else, we can indulge as much as we please! Super-sized, combos, and extra large drinks are very popular choices right now. And really, can you possibly eat all of that? No, unless you stuff yourself beyond physical possibility! And not only is it too much food, but it really is bad for you if you include the amounts of fat and sugar.

Solution - I always had the problem of taking much more than I could eat, so take slightly less than you think you can eat. This will avoid the sin of gluttony, make you feel much better because you're not about to explode, and make you healthier! Remember, we must take great care of our souls, but our bodies as well. So eat properly - you'll be glad you did.

Another Kind of Gluttony - A lot of people don't know this, but there is another half to the vice of gluttony - the tendency to be overly picky. Too much sauce, too much pepper, not wrapped perfectly, we've heard it all. But really, if you made this food yourself at home, would it be a picture of perfection? No! In truth, one extra tomato isn't going to kill you.

Solution - Eat to live, don't live to eat. It's as simple as that! If we seek the kingdom of God before all things, as Our Lord Jesus Christ told us, everything will be freely added unto us! Accept from God what is given you, it will make it much easier on yourself and the people around you.

Sloth - And with fast food comes no effort. No effort in making the food, waiting for the food, nothing. And what happens when there is no effort in anything? Laziness. Modern man has no willpower anymore! And when someone becomes so poisoned with sloth, the modern world and the Devil can do with him what they please! How could someone like that possibly try to swim against the current? 

Solution - To combat this dangerous vice, make occasional acts of mortification that will strengthen your will. Get up when your alarm clock goes off (or just press your snooze button one less time than you usually do... let's try to make this possible!), don't say anything when someone accuses you of something you didn't do and so on. You'll really grow in strength and combat the sleepiness of our world!

To end this article, I'd like you to watch this incredible movie. It informs people about what's really in our food, and I found it very helpful. May God bless you and Our Lady protect you!

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