Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Joy through Weakness

 We all have those days when we get discouraged. When we first begin to practice the virtue of humility, we begin to see how weak we are on our own and can get disheartened. But there must be a solution to all this sorrow. The solution is confidence in God.

Our weakness actually gives God glory! When we admit how weak we are, we have to pair our realization with the fact that God’s strength can lift us out of these weaknesses. Even the occasions that we fall and sin, if we get back up and ask God for help, how much glory we give Him! Our Lord once told Sister Josepha Menendez that when a soul sins, then humbles himself in the presence of God, that soul gives more glory to God than if he hadn’t sinned at all. So do not dwell on how weak you are, dwell on how great God is!

This discouragement can also interfere with our God given talents. If we think we’re so miserable, how are we supposed to think of the good in us? Do we just dismiss them? No, we attribute them to God. We are nothing on our own, but with God we are His talented creatures. God created us to reflect Him, so let us do so! Let us proclaim the goodness and gifts of God on high!

Therefore, place your trust in God. A good practice St. Francis de Sales taught was, during the day, imagine yourself in a scene with Jesus. It could be in the manger at Bethlehem, the Garden of Gethsemane, even Mount Calvary.  Place yourself trustfully in His presence, rest your mind, and ask for all the graces your soul is in need of. This practice gives strength to the soul and glory to God. Ask Him to teach you to be humble and to become the saint He made you to be! Always remember, Jesus fell three times while He carried his cross so He could merit the strength you would need to get up, once, twice, even three times when you fall from weakness. God bless you all!

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