Thursday, 17 April 2014

Holy Thursday: Comfort Our Lord

Tonight we commemorate the Last Supper and Our Lord's agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.  I think it's very important for us to meditate on Our Lord's agony, so I will be writing this article on that. 
Many people say, "God doesn't know what I'm going through." But if you look closely, He does:
Abandoned - As Jesus enters into the garden, He tells His friends to stay and pray. He goes off and the agony begins. He goes back to His friends, and they're all asleep. What does this signify? Jesus never wanted you to feel alone. He never wanted a day to go by when you didn't have a friend. He never wanted you to think no one cared, no one was thinking of you, no one would die for you. He took on Himself your loneliness. He cut Himself from all consolation so that He may be your consolation. He was forgotten so that you may be remembered. 
Terrified - People often forget that Jesus suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane was much different from the rest of His Passion. In the Garden, He doesn't experience patient suffering, but a terrified, worried, distressed agony. He never wanted you to ever feel afraid or worried, so He took it on Himself. In fact, He took the entire world's worries on His shoulders. On top of this, since He is God, He saw what evil our sins would do. He saw the aftermath and understood what evil truly was. Finally, His heart was torn with the fact that even though He was about to die a horrible death to save us, there would still be people lost in eternal flames. While he was bearing this unbearable cross, He kept you in mind. He saw all those lost souls who chose the world over Him, then He gazes at you. He asks lovingly as He offers up this pain for your soul, "What will you choose?"
Confused - Yet, His mind was not only troubled, but was in a great battle. This battle was between the weakness of human nature and the strength of God. He asks His Heavenly Father if it would be possible for this chalice to pass. This was his human nature speaking. He then says, "But not My Will, but Thine be done." Have you ever found yourself confused, in battles with temptation? Jesus already won those battles for you. He knows how weak you are, so He took on your weakness and defeated it. Why fear anything with Our Lord on your side?
Betrayed - Finally, His agony ends with a betraying kiss and a cold prison cell to lay His weary head in. He thinks of you as He waits in this prison cell. He offers every tear, every drop of blood, every wound that the soldier inflicted on Him for you. He became the "Man of Sorrows" so that you may be a child of God. 
And so I ask all my readers, meditate on this mystery tonight. If you can, stay up for one hour, from 11 PM to 12 PM (the hour of Our Lord's agony) and offer up prayers of love and reparation. Imagine yourself in the scene comforting Our Lord. Pray with Him in the garden, wait with Him in the prison, offer yourself to Him as He so generously offered Himself to you. He even revealed a promise to Saint Margret Mary:
"You shall arise between eleven o'clock and the midnight hour, and remain remain prostrate with Me during the space of an hour, and so appease the divine anger by imploring mercy for sinners. Thus shall you assuage in some sort the bitterness I felt at that time because of the abandonment by My Apostles... for not having been able to watch with Me for the space of one hour."
Please also remember Our Blessed Mother in your meditations this night. She too offered herself in union with her Son for your soul. Console her as well, and spend the night in waiting for Good Friday. May God bless and Our Lady protect you all!

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