Wednesday, 24 September 2014

It's Far Too Empty Here...

The worldly man often gets caught up in the world and forgets the reality of the supernatural. We make our home here on earth and occupy our minds with any thought but God. But I must warn you, it’s far too empty here for us.

Our hearts desire that which is lasting, that’s how they were made. They weren’t made to live off of short pleasures and worldly amusements alone. If we set our hearts on these things, we will truly be disappointed in the end. So don’t give your hearts to the world, it seeks something else.

St. Augustine tells us that our hearts are empty until they rest in the Lord. Don’t bind yourself to worldly objects, but the everlasting God. Food perishes, money is spent, friendships are forgotten, our lives die! But God does not die. So detach yourself from the world and give your heart to God.

And don’t think God will let your heart down. After all, He created all these earthly pleasures we seek for tirelessly. They are but reflections of Him. So ask Him to show you who He really is, for He is the only one that can satisfy you.

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