Thursday, 16 October 2014

Modesty – A Misunderstood Virtue

Often in young Catholic circles, modesty is sometimes misunderstood and looked upon as being a virtue filled with unnecessary severity and harshness. From the outside teens think modesty is just an outdated rule that forces you to wear skirts for no reason at all. They think it is an empty principle, and that it should only be followed when in the company of traditional Catholics. But in fact, this virtue is filled with beauty and merit.

Modesty does not conceal beauty, but reveals it - The virtue of modesty isn’t meant to conceal a person’s beauty, but conceal her in a way that reveals her beauty all the more. When someone chooses to dress in short-shorts and a tank top, they are telling the world that they have no dignity, and that they don’t care that they’ve lowered themselves to nothing but an object. But when one dresses with modesty, they are telling others that they recognize themselves as children of God and have respect for themselves. Following immodest trends lowers a person’s dignity, while modesty uplifts it.

Modesty doesn’t mean ugly – Often when people try to buy modest clothing, they think they are obliged to buy big, out of style clothing. But on the contrary there are many things one can wear that are both modest and fashionable. It is actually an act of charity to one’s neighbour when one dresses beautifully. All it takes is a little creativity, and buying modestly is easy.

But it isn’t just about clothes!! – Modesty certainly doesn’t stop at clothing. Some Catholics think modesty consists of measuring skirts and nothing more. But modesty has an inseparable connection with purity. Not only must we be modest in dress, but in words, thoughts, and actions. It is hardly helpful if we dress well but talk in an impure manner. We must be modest also in our souls and understand that in following this virtue, we uplift who we are and tell the world that we are not on their level of poor standards.

So please, my dear reader, understand that this beautiful virtue is not to suppress, but to uplift and dignify. We mustn’t condemn people if their skirt isn’t exactly 6 inches below the knee, or look down harshly on souls, but rather shun the immodest fashions of the world, and enlighten and encourage people to take the wonderful path of modesty.

I'd also like to ask my readers to pray for a very good priest that inspired this article, Father Webber. Thank you all, and God bless!

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