Thursday, 28 April 2016

Happy Feast of St. Louis de Montfort!!

I am overjoyed to say today is St. Louis de Montfort's  300th anniversary from when he died. A very important feast to be sure! Today I wanted to tell you all a quick story from his life, a story that really inspired me. 

Throughout all his life he went from town to town, preaching sermons, talking in the streets, converting, but mainly being persecuted and hated by most. This is why he is the patron of the forgotten and lonely, because being unloved by thousands was his everyday life. Yet he accepted it and praised God for giving him the opportunity to sanctify himself. One day he went to a small poor town to preach a mission, and was shocked at how he was greeted by the people. Instead of getting stoned or spat at, everyone wouldn't stop hugging him! They hugged him, gave him huge meals, they all sanctified themselves and listened carefully every time he talked, it was a perfect success. At the end, his two followers were so happy they threw a party for such a holy town. As the party progressed they realized Montfort (as he liked people to call him) was missing! They looked and looked, and finally found him in a corner, looking very sad. They said, "Montfort! You've sanctified this whole town, everyone is a hundred times holier than they were before! Why are you so sad?" St. Louis slowly looked up at them and calmly said, "...what a cross... is no cross."

And so we see St. Louis de Montfort spirituality. No matter what suffering we have in life, or even when life is good to us, we must always follow God's will, and do it with a smile. Be gentle and kind to all that pass us, pray for those that hate you, and carry the cross alongside this amazing saint.

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