Friday, 8 April 2016

Listen to Your Needs

I’ve been really thinking about how souls have such a difficult time discerning their vocations. Some have it easy, and just get married, or enter a monastery, and not give it a second thought. But for most of us, especially us young people who are trying to figure out God’s will for the future, it can be a very confusing journey. But I want the reader, especially if you’re discerning, to always remember, you were built for something. Your heart, and all it’s needs, will correspond with where you go. 
In other words, you might be terrified it’s God’s will for you to be a cloistered nun, because you have such a need to be with people, and a need to feel human affections. But don’t worry, listen to your needs, and discern accordingly. God doesn’t want to put you in a place where you’ll be miserable. If you’re not happy when you’re trying out a certain way of life, don’t hesitate to change it! So many Catholics think that we should never be comfortable, always mortified and willing to suffer. And though it is true that we must be willing to conform to God’s will and offer up the sufferings of life, God didn’t make you so He could put you in a way of life that wouldn’t give you all that your heart needed. So please, choose a way of life that you’ll be happy and comfortable in. 

Life isn’t meant to be a constant series of pain and sacrifice. It’s a beautiful journey where sacrifice is rewarded, and mortification is given a greater good. All that you do will be rewarded a hundred fold “even on earth” as Our Lord said. I know discerning is difficult, but if you listen to what you need, you’ll get through this and live a life of peace, no matter what it is. Whether it’s a mom, or a monk, or a hermit, or a single man working in the world, all souls are equally loved by God, and will be high in heaven, as long as we fight for it.

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