Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A New Concept of Modesty

In previous articles I've spoken about modesty, explaining to the reader that modesty is a misunderstood beautiful virtue that should be loved and cherished. But as I learn more and more about it, and experience different situations, I've realized something else very important. 

Helping Them Cope - As you know these modesty articles are directed towards girls. But what girls don't realize is that guys think differently when it comes to purity. For girls it can actually be quite easy  fighting temptations of purity, and we forget it can be much harder for men to fight these things, especially when we throw modesty out the window. So why not help them out a little bit by dressing properly? Surely we'll get merit for our charity. For example, if we knew our friend who had something like depression, and was triggered easily, we would be very careful to make sure they were as comfortable as possible. Therefore if we care about their wellbeing, let us dress accordingly.

Making Others Inspired - Modesty isn't just about ourselves, but rather everyone around us. It isn't meant to drag us down or prevent us from following the latest trends. Rather it's there to put us in our right position and make our bodies truly beautiful - the way God intended. In doing this we make other around us realize that the concept of modesty, which is so ridiculed in our day and age, is actually an amazing thing and lifts our spirits far higher than immodest trends ever could. They will begin to see that girls can be beautiful and follow the good trends while sticking to their morals. Let us always inspire everyone around us. It will then be at the Last Judgment when God calls upon us in front of the whole world that we will be called the inspirer. 

Don't Think, Just Do - A lot of times people will dwell forever on modesty, picking it apart and turning into a torturous task. Skirts ten inches below the knee exactly! Turtle necks only! Really, if we overthink all of this, it will reflect to those around us and they'll lose the inspiration they so desperately need. Instead of being so cold with modesty, set your regular Catholic boundaries, don't overthink it, then pray for the grace to see the beauty of modesty. Modesty isn't just in the fabric, it's so much more. It's in our actions, our words, our thoughts, and so on. Let us pray for the true spirit of modesty! 

Therefore dear reader, clothe yourself with the mantle of Our Lady, bathe your soul with the blood of the Lamb, and rejoice in the beautiful virtues which God has given us! 

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