Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tricks to Humility

Humility is one of the most beautiful virtues given to us by God. It opens our eyes and makes us realize that all the good around us comes from our beloved Creator. But humility and battling our pride can be very difficult and often times confusing. For example we can admit to ourselves how prideful we are, but then while doing that, thinking we're humble and becoming even more prideful because of it. It can become a vicious cycle and at the end of the day we wonder how we can ever advance in humility without becoming more prideful! Here are a few points that have helped me personally with the virtues of humility.

Stop thinking about it - As startling as that sounds, we need to stop focusing so much on the concept of pride and humility, and look at it from the perspective that God has given us everything, we are nothing, and we need His help. In thinking of it from this viewpoint we keep ourselves from the danger of thinking we're humble, and accrediting God for everything. Focus on the goodness of God and rejoice that such a loving Father has given us everything! It keeps away discouragement and fills the soul with peace. 

Focus on mercy - Humility is a hard virtue to master, so when we beat ourselves up about it, it only gives us more pride. Trusting totally in Gods mercy will protect us from this, since instead of focusing on how prideful we are, we can think that even though we are sinners, we have a loving Father that will lift us up and through His grace will make us saints. 

Accepting our own goodness - Once we reach the point of accepting that God can do all things even though we can't, we'll have to start accepting that we can become holy - saints even! After all, the goal is to become a saint before we die. How can we reach that point then if we're so stuck on the idea that we can't be saints since we're so horrible? Instead, let us focus on the fact that God can make us saints, and even though we can do nothing on our own and can't take credit for any of these virtues, since we are sinners, if we trust God, He will give us the strength to become the greatest and reach the highest realms of heaven.

Therefore let us ask God for true humility, trust in Him, and understanding with ourselves, who are sinners yet are masterpieces of God that have so much potential.

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