Monday, 17 April 2017

The Crazy World of Adulthood

When we are teenagers, we think we know absolutely everything there is to life. Adulthood is on the horizon, and the youth rebels against as many adult figures in their lives as they can since, of course, they know everything! But a moment comes in everyone’s life, when adulthood actually does arrive, and we realize one thing. We hardly know anything. Being twenty presently, I’m realizing as the days go by that the older you get, the more humility you need to learn all the necessary life lessons.  Life is so complex, and we need to have the virtue to learn from others and sanctify ourselves as we go.

As a teenager, we always have an image in our head about our lives, and the future we are going to have. But plans change, and plans we were so firm in to happen in the future might change as well. Because every single person in the world has a different idea of life in their head, and sometimes their way of life is better for our souls than the way we planned on. That is why it is so essential to have good friends we can depend on. People were made by God to be social, and learn important lessons from a plethora of people.

The reason we need to be open to learning from others is because it will be essential to our vocation. For example, if it is God’s will for you to get married, there will be quite a lot of sacrifices that have to be made because of the other person. This other person who you are now bound to, will have different hopes and dreams, and you will need to have the humility to work with their dreams as well as your own. If we can perfect such a humility, life and all it’s potentials will significantly open up, instead of us being selfish and shutting out every idea that is not our own.

The importance of who we spend time with and our environment then comes into play. Since we’re adults now, it is our responsibility to choose our friends as well as our living situation. These two things will play a large role in molding who we are and our futures. If we live in a chaotic home, with friends who do nothing but look down on us, how will we ever learn about life and all it’s beautiful qualities. Every human deserves people who love them and a peaceful place to call home. Never stop fighting for what you deserve. God created you in His likeness, it’s His will.

Let us then pray, stay humble, and live life to the fullest. Because life and learning all it’s lessons is a glimpse of what is in store in heaven. Seeing God face to face is like looking in a beautiful infinitely deep well. Every time we gaze at God in the beatific vision, we will learn new eternally beautiful concepts and lessons we had never dreamed of on earth. Always stay humble, because in all these life lessons lies an incredible form of love from the heavens.

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