Sunday, 14 May 2017

"Why do you strike Me?"

Our Lord, when He was being judged in the temple, uttered these words, "Why do you strike Me?" He asked this question because they were beating Him without a reason or cause during His trial. They proved Him of nothing, yet placed themselves in a position where they felt higher and stronger. Jesus was silent for most of His Passion, but never failed to defend His own name and reputation. As traditional Catholics, we can get humility mixed up with self-neglect, and forget that we have every right to defend our own honour as Our Lord did.

We hear a lot of quotes from great Saints that tell us to offer up every harsh word spoken against us to God, to turn the other cheek. But God never intended for our reputations, which are very precious and important in our lives, to be tarnished because we never stood up for ourselves. It takes a very special kind of humility to stand up for oneself, to recognize that even though we are sinners and deserve to be punished and do penance in this life, God desires so many other great blessings and graces for us. He cares so dearly for our wellbeing especially amongst our neighbours, since He wants to use every one of us to bring more souls to His Sacred Heart. God loves us infinitely, and we need to pray for the strength and willpower to be able to not be crushed by our neighbour, but stand with them in good example and charity.

Souls will not be converted if traditional Catholics sink back and not face the world in all its magnitude. We must stand with our principles, yet not estrange ourselves from the good things of this world. Your neighbour never has a right to crush you, since God would never will such an evil. So stand strong, stand for the truth, and care for your wellbeing, because in caring for yourself you care for others. We may offer up the trails our neighbours put us through, but every soul is equal, and whether it be because of gossip, slander, or general lack of charity, we must defend what is right - it's what we deserve.

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