Saturday, 24 June 2017

Humbled Because of Consolation

I remember a while ago I was reading a book that said the souls that have highest form of sanctity detest consolation and seek for suffering alone to offer up to God. And I will say there are some exceptional souls that perhaps this applies to (some people would bring up victim souls, which I plan on writing about soon.) For a while then, I made it my goal to make suffering and offering up desolation the focus, rather than being happy with consolation.

What I love about this blog, is that every time I get inspired with a new concept in my spiritual life, I can quickly write it down and leave it for others to perhaps be inspired with as well. And today is one of those days. I often write that we must see suffering as a means to a greater good, but I want to add that suffering does not in any way ever need to be the focus. It takes a special kind of humility to admit that we are limited, and can't be offering ourselves up as a victim to God all the time. God doesn't want us to be victims, He calls us to be His beloved children who roam the world in peace and happiness, waiting to go to their heavenly home.

Pride can make it very easy for us to say when we are having a difficult time, "Look at me, and how I suffer! I am a victim soul, and do not need silly consolations. Let God put the world on my shoulders, because ME, MYSELF, AND I CAN TAKE IT!" Offering up suffering is an amazing act of love, it's true, but not like this. No matter what background or past you come from, whether it be a happy traditional Catholic family, or a broken home with divorced parents, everyone deserves to be happy and consoled. You might argue because of sin we deserve nothing. But because of God's grace in our soul, He lifts us up to the eternal and infinite, and makes us worthy of incredible things we cannot even possibly imagine on this earth.

Our Lord, when He was talking about giving us our hundred fold, specifically said, "on earth, and in Heaven." That means we do not have to toil all the time in the world, rather we must accept the grace to see right away that our trial leads to the greater good, and rejoice immediately! We mustn't dwell on our pain, or bask in our miseries. Do not let the Devil take away your merit with pride, but fight him with a smile and peaceful disposition. God's love is always burning for us, and He does desire to make us happy even here on earth. Does a father like to see his son in pain because he things it will do him good? God does desire to comfort us on earth, and we need to be humble enough to accept that, and agree with the fact that we do need it in our spiritual lives. We were born to be happy!

Let us then get down on our knees, and say to Our Lord:

Dear Jesus, behold me prostrate before Thy throne. I humble myself and freely admit that on my own, the cross Thou hast given me could not move an inch. I do not ask for suffering, or for an easy life, but rather that through all my experiences, Thy grace will abound, and through everything I may find consolation in Thy presence and generous blessings. Amen.

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  1. I’ve always had a problem in this regard. Some renowned authors say that we must suffer all the time and never enjoy the world, to be completely detached. How can you ever enjoy the comforts in the world if you’re supposed to be detached from it?