Sunday, 23 July 2017

An Unspoken Topic - The Temptation of Suicide

Many traditional Catholics find this topic uncomfortable to talk about, and brush it off with "you know it's a mortal sin!" But suicide can be much deeper than that for a soul. I need to write a much longer article to discuss the depth of this topic, but I wanted to leave this here right away for any people in need, or those who have people close to them dealing with this tragic tribulation.

Deeper than a mortal sin - For those who have people close to them, understand that if they are dealing with suicidal thoughts, they need more than people telling them it is a mortal sin. Of course it is very important for them to realize this, but they also need comfort and support. Spending time with them, brightening up their lives, and filling their days with all the things they love most will help them far more than just condemning them. God is just, but also desires us to preach His merciful side as well. This is exactly what the soul needs, the nourishment of His grace.

And for those who are weighted down with the temptation of suicide, be hopeful, confess the thoughts you have consented to, and do your absolute best to look at all the good God has sewn into your life, and will sew in the future. Take it from one who has dealt with depression (hopefully planting little seeds of myself in this blog will help), it's very important to renew the reasons why you want to live. It may be a small exercise, but we need to cling onto the things we love to see that life is worth living. Suicide is a mortal sin, always keep that in mind, but also remember all the graces God has given us. The smell of bonfires, the taste of lemonade, the hug of a friend, these things might seem insignificant, but it is the little things that make up the big things in life. Focus on the positive, just as God wants you to. In remembering these things, our minds will slowly see that life is not just a dark dangerous place, but a welcoming one where we belong.

Laying out the problem - For those friends who are depressed or suicidal, a massive way to help us to assist them in laying out their problems. We often lose our view of the specific problems we are facing, then feel as if they will never end. But there is always a limit to them, and in laying out exactly what is bothering the person, we can help and give advice more efficiently. Perhaps speaking to a priest, even receiving therapy are all good helps. Finding the problem to fix it is much more efficient than generalizing everything.

And for those who feel as if the pain never ends, fall at the feet of Our Lord who also thought it was too much to bear when He said, "Father, why have you forsaken Me?" An excellent way to help clear your mind is sorting out the exact problems (as mentioned above) that are troubling us. There is always a way out, God wouldn't make it otherwise. Find your way out, no one should be stopping you from leaving a dangerous situation. You always have that power, since God gave us all free will. Sometimes we think it is God's will for us to be in a situation where we have to endlessly suffer, but sometimes when things get that bad, He wants us to find where we are most happy in life.

Try to Pray - Above all, pray for these souls who so desperately need our prayers. They are going through unimaginable pain, and though it is a sin, we must have compassion for them. Through prayer, God can grant them the grave to be healed and renew their Faith. Our advice is nothing without God, so use His assistance as much as you can.

As for the suffering soul, try your best to turn your eyes to God, even the smallest glance will bring you strength and peace. No matter how many times you've fallen or lost trust in God, He is waiting to pick you up and embrace the soul who He can't stand seeing suffering like this.

Therefore, for those who are reading this to help others, do you best to be there for them, and never be afraid to call emergency if things get serious. Anything is better than the loss of their souls. Pray, instill hope, and take part in the charity God wills for us to give.

And finally, for those who are suicidal, never forget that life will always get better. God only allows suffering for a greater good, and if you'll keep going, I can assure you it will be worth it. God gives a hundred fold of consolation for every drop of suffering we give. All of heaven and all of earth are here for you! Pray, hope, and trust that God doesn't want you to suffer like this. After all, there is a reason He wanted you to read these sentences.

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