Saturday, 12 August 2017

I Don't Feel like Being Catholic Today

Let's admit it, some days we don't want to be Catholic. We don't feel like praying, thinking of God becomes tiresome, and the thought of sanctifying our souls seems like way too much work. But what do we do in these times? And can God do anything with the days we don't feel near to Him?

Closer than we think - On the days we feel nothing, God is doing the most. Oftentimes trials can be easier to offer up (since the sacrifice is evident), but the feeling of indifference can be more meritorious a lot of times. It is as if God is hiding behind a tree, waiting to see if we'll put our crosses down and take a nap, or go searching for Him. And if we do in fact keep going and persevere, how Our Lord will enthusiastically embrace us in His arms and rejoice at the love we have for Him!

Doing what we can - When these times do come, simply continue to do your daily duty, say your regular prayers and try not to dwell too much on the fact that you feel this way. The Devil will try to say, "Think at how mean God is to be leaving you out in the cold like this! Oh, and how holy you are for doing this favour for Him!" Pride is always the first vice that is sewn into our souls, so focus on what you need to do, and all your needs will be met - God never stops caring for us.

New devotions - Another great way of breaking out feeling of indifference and dryness is trying out new devotions. I don't mean beginning a million devotions at once (refer to my article on "Keeping Devotions Simple" on the CFN page), making it impossible to keep up, but maybe read up more on the promises of the Holy Face or the promises of the Precious Blood. Sometimes sticking to a lot of the same prayers can get tedious, so mix it up and make things interesting! Catholicism was never meant to be boring.

Finally have hope, and know that these times will pass. Every trial leads to a reward, and every step leads us to eternal happiness and peace in heaven. God bless and Our Lady protect you all!