Friday, 29 September 2017

Fearing Comfort

All of us can say that we have struggled in our lives. Whether it be with our jobs, our family, or just trying to discover our vocation in life, suffering comes to all of us. Millenials especially, though they are hardly taken seriously, have a very difficult time themselves. They are trying to build a future in a world that seems to be ending. They can become accustomed to a pessimistic view of life, and lose the sweet taste of consolation. Those especially who suffer from depression and anxiety can fall into this category, a category where the soul flees from light and comfort, simply because they are convinced it will be taken away again. They begin mastering sacrifice and mortification, yet slowly begin forgetting all these tribulations are for a greater good that will never leave. If you find yourself in this category, as I do at times, these tips may help.

Stay in the moment - In the moment you are sitting at your desk sipping a hot chocolate. Your mind wanders off and you begin feeling all the anxiety of what is to come in the day. Try your best not to be anxious and worried, but rather thank God for the present peace you have. The Devil can take away such pleasant things with the darkness of the future, so thank God for the warmth of your sweater and comfort of your drink. In doing this we centre ourselves and reteach our souls to enjoy the goodness God gives us. 

Stop focusing on pain - I am going to use an interesting example, so bear with me. When we are about to be slapped, the majority of the pain usually is not in the slap, but rather the anticipation of being slapped. The hand goes up, and we wince in fear at the idea of what it will be like. So it is when we anticipate the future pain we will experience in this life. God did not create us to suffer, we need to stop thinking like that. Suffering is for the greater good, and one day we will feel that greater good! Therefore live for the present, and let future suffering go. Because less than half of the pain that we anticipate won't ever come to fruition. 

Love yourself - How are we ever supposed to love ever love our neighbour if we never take the time to love ourselves? If we balance sacrifice with caring for our bodies and souls, we will be able to help our mind accept suffering as it is, and consolation as it is. Life is all about balance, we don't have to kill ourselves by being victim souls to become saints. To become a saint we must take all that God gives us, the trials as well as all the beautiful consolations, and offer them back to Him in thanksgiving. He gives us far more comforts than we realize, we just forget how many we have!

So stay strong my dear reader, and do not flee the light with the fear that it will leave you. You were made for the light, that is why you have such an attraction to it. And one day, in Paradise, nothing will take it from you. 

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