Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Keep the Faith - It Makes Life Easier

Hello everyone! Recently I took a bit of a break from writing as my life has been quite busy. But as I go through life now being 22, I can't help but think up more article ideas for my beloved blog. Being a young adult can be challenging, but if the Faith is by your side, I can assure you that life will go more smoothly. I remember being in high school at a traditional Catholic school, and seeing my friends either grow in the Faith, or start dropping it. The idea that once you move out of your parents house you can be as immodest as you want and don't have to go to Mass every Sunday may have been tempting to them at the time, but I can assure you that dropping the Faith will only make you more miserable.

I moved out of my parent's house recently, I have a full time job, and am engaged to my best friend. If I have everything I need, wouldn't it be easy to sweep the Faith under the rug? As time goes by, and the older I get, I find forgetting the Faith would be fatal to me, and make my life a very difficult one. One of the reasons for this is the example around me. Those I work with talk about love being just a "chemical reaction" and wonder confusingly what "thought" is. Since they don't believe in a soul typically, life is just a random coincidence and we have no idea what anything is outside of what we can see. I'm not sure about you, but if I believed this, I would be unbearably depressed. The thought that there is nothing after this life, that the intellect is a mystery, and that all we can ever look forward is solely material sounds horrific. What about the angels that keep us company? Or Our Lord lovingly sitting in the tabernacle waiting to see us at Mass? All of that is uprooted and we are left on our own to wander this earth alone.

I would like to go more in depth about proofs to hold onto when you're questioned about the Faith, but if you only have time to read this article, here are some. Firstly, if you are ever tempted to doubt, hold on to Our Lady of Fatima. She is the patron of our times, and wanted to give us an unshakeable miracle when people of the world criticize our beliefs. If she can make the sun spin and make even the atheistic reporters see it,  why would we doubt her? She is there to strengthen us, take advantage of her power. A second concept to cling to is the proof that there is a God. Many people don't believe in God, and those who do aren't really sure what is up there. The fact that they are more ready to believe that a random explosion from nothing created everything, rather than the fact that there is a creator, shows that people want to live without consequences or needing to answer to a higher Being. There has to be an original maker, just as a flower needs a gardener to plant it. Material objects cannot make themselves, so why are we any different? One more concept, that I will definitely be writing about more deeply, is how powerful people who practice Satanism are, and why this can also confirm us in the Faith. Yes, that escalated quickly! But seriously, the spells these Satanists use are real, extremely harmful, and absolutely terrifying. They offer sacrifices to the devil, can become extremely successful because of it, and are unshakeable in their beliefs. And yet, if there spells are so powerful, why do we ever doubt the power of prayer? Prayer is so much more powerful, and we often find ourselves falling asleep at our bedside trying to fit our night prayers in. Catholics need to understand the position they hold, and the immense help they have from Our Lord. We are not Catholic because it is a choice we made for comfort, or because it makes us feel fuzzy, but because it is the only Truth. Period.

So to those who are younger, when you get into the world and want to drop the Faith, trust me when I say there is nothing out here that is worth giving up God. God knows what is best for us, He is our creator, and only He can lead us to happiness. If prayer and the Mass are boring for you, realize the immensity of their actions and see they aren't just a rambling of words. We hold the key as Catholics to everlasting peace, and guidance on this earth. We just need to believe it. 

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